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Workplace Back Injury

Workplace Back Injury

Cleveland Workplace Back Injury Attorneys

Serious back injuries can have long-term effects on an individual’s ability to work and interact with family and friends on a regular basis. Treatment is often on-going and special care must be taken in order to prevent further injury.

If your serious back injury is a result of lifting, bending, twisting or falling while at work, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Sustained and repetitive activity is often the culprit of these back injuries, including herniated discs.. Workers’ compensation can help you cover costs associated with medical bills and lost wages.

Experienced Akron Lifting Injury Lawyers

At Wincek & DeRosa, we have decades of experience working with individuals who have been seriously injured at work. We help our clients get the treatment they need, so they can either return to work or find another better suited job for their condition. In some situations, depending on an individual’s level of education, finding another job at the same pay after a debilitating injury can prove very difficult. Vocational rehabilitation can be of service to these individuals and workers’ compensation should cover it. In other cases, Social Security Disability may be the best route.

This can be a stressful, painful time for our clients. Our Ohio attorneys are determined to understand your needs and concerns so we can help you obtain the treatment and compensation you deserve. Your employer should have your best interests at heart, but when that is not the case, we can help. This is a complex and overwhelming process, and our lawyers are determined to give you the care and representation you need to prepare for a brighter future both physically and financially.

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