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On the Job—Dealing with a Serious Back Injury

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

We all know that getting to work can be challenging enough. But, if you are dealing with a serious back injury that has occurred at work, it can be even more difficult. Serious back injuries are one of the most common types of injuries sustained on the job. Here are just a few ways that you should know about back injuries and your rights:

  • Back injuries can take many forms. There are quite a few ways that back injuries can manifest themselves. You might find that your doctor has diagnosed you with a disc issue, a vertebra that is fractured or even a strain in the musculature of your back.

  • How did it happen? If you are injured at work, one of the first questions a Cleveland workers’ comp attorney is going to ask is “how did it happen?” Most frequently, serious back injuries that happen on the job are as a result of heavy lifting or repetitive pushing and pulling motions. Isolating what happened to you will not only help your physicians to prescribe the best therapies, but also help your Cleveland workers’ compensation attorneys to work with you to get the financial support that you need while you are healing.

  • Chronic or acute issues may require different work strategies. If you have an acute problem, you may need to stay home in order to heal. Chronic problems may require a change in the type of job tasks that you perform and how long you can work each day.

If you have a back issue and you need help, make sure to contact the skilled Cleveland disability and discrimination lawyers at Wincek & DeRosa for knowledgeable help with workers’ compensation claims.

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