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Does Workers Comp Cover Repetitive Motion Injuries?

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Whether you work in an office or a factory, you may do the same tasks over and over again. This means that you are likely to develop a repetitive motion injury that may sideline you from your job. Many people believe that these kinds of workplace injuries are not covered by workers’ compensation, but that isn’t always true. Here are some things you need to know about workers’ compensation and repetitive motion injuries:

  • Repetitive motion injuries are becoming more and more common. According to Cleveland workers’ comp attorneys, repetitive motion injuries can be seen in those who work on computers for a long period of time as well as those who have to complete the same physical motion over and over again.

  • Symptoms can vary. While an acute injury may present as a sharp pain, a repetitive motion injury may show differently. If you are suffering from swelling in a particular area, redness, or aches, pains or tingling or numbness, then you may be suffering from a repetitive motion injury.

  • These injuries can be covered by workers’ compensation. Professional Cleveland workers’ compensation attorneys know that these repetitive injuries can be covered by workers’ compensation. What is important is that you report your injury to your supervisor and seek medical attention. Take the time to let your doctor know that the injury happened as a result of work.

  • Check to ensure that you understand the filing system. Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be complex. Call your local workers’ compensation office to get information on required paperwork and filing deadlines or speak to a skilled Cleveland disability discrimination lawyer.

Call Wincek & DeRosa for more information on repetitive injuries and compensation!

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