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Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Disability discrimination in the workplace is a protected area that keeps employees who have special situations working in safe conditions. The protections that are offered ensure that there is no disability discrimination in the workplace. These protections are guaranteed by the Americans with Disabilities Act, commonly called the ADA.

There are particular areas where the ADA helps employees who have disabilities. For employees who have disabilities, skilled Cleveland workers’ comp attorneys say that they are protected by the A.D.A. if their disability substantially limits a major life activity. These activities may include physical limitations that prevent someone from lifting heavy objects or operating machinery.

According to the ADA, employees who have a past issue and present it during the hiring process should have the same opportunity to get a job as anyone else applying for the position. Employers can’t discriminate against someone who has a history of disability, according to Cleveland workers’ compensation attorneys.

There may be times that an employer believes that an employee or potential employee is disabled and the ADA may cover that as well. The good news is that the employee may be covered if the employer regards him or her as being disabled. In other words, their may be legal protection for someone who is perceived as being disabled.

Are you confused by disability discrimination? Call Wincek & DeRosa today for a confidential consultation with a Cleveland disability discrimination lawyer.

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