SSD Benefits For Mental Illness

Social Security benefits are not just for individuals with physical ailments. Behavioral health and mental illness is also covered. People with the following conditions are considered eligible for SSD:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Major depression
  • Anxiety
  • Schizophrenia


Cleveland Attorneys Handling Behavior Illness Benefits

At Wincek & DeRosa, our lawyers have decades of experience working with individuals with mental illnesses who are seeking Social Security Disability. Our clients often come to us in a state of emotional and financial disarray, having been out of work for months, if not years. We will help you put things back together by giving you the representation you deserve.

We are committed to listening closely to our clients as they describe their needs and goals for the future. We give them the information they need in easy-to-understand language, so they can make educated decisions about their cases. Our lawyers are good communicators, easy to reach and dedicated to helping you obtain the best outcome possible.

Applying for Social Security Disability in Northern Ohio is swift and complex. Our lawyers will prepare you for your hearing by helping you gather the highly detailed information necessary to procure a fair and just decision. We will locate, obtain and review your medical history as we develop a theory that clearly encapsulates your need for financial assistance.


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