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Many individuals feel that any employment termination is wrongful. While it can be devastating and leave an individual feeling helpless and stressed, wrongful termination is in fact a very specific term with a technical definition.If you were fired and you feel as though your race, national origin, gender, pregnancy, religion or disability was a part of the decision to let you go, you may have a wrongful termination claim. Due to the fact that Ohio is an at-will employment state, it can be difficult to determine the cause of your termination. An experienced attorney, however, can investigate your concerns and determine whether or not you may have a case.

Detailed Cuyahoga County Unlawful Discharge Lawyers

At Wincek & DeRosa, our attorneys have decades of experience working with individuals who have been wrongfully terminated. We will closely examine your situation and develop a clear understanding of the details surrounding your case. By creating a comprehensive timeline of your employment, interviewing co-workers and investigating any related information, we may be able to uncover information that will prove the illegitimacy of your termination.

We understand how confused and violated our clients may feel. We are committed to giving them the time, energy and compassion they deserve. Your employer may have disregarded you, your feelings and your livelihood, but we will not. By forming a close relationship with our clients, listening to their goals and concerns, we will work diligently in pursuit of the best outcome possible.


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