Workers’ compensation was designed as a way to help cover employee injury claims, while avoiding costly and time-consuming lawsuits for employers. The workers’ compensation system requires employers to pay for additional health care benefits and helps employees to get the care they need. That said, not every claim will be covered. Here are five things that workers’ compensation doesn’t cover:

  1. Workers’ compensation doesn’t cover injuries incurred while engaging in horseplay. People who are covered under workers’ compensation and who are injured while clowning at work may not be covered.
  1. Coverage may be denied for injuries while working as an independent contractor. Cleveland attorneys know that if your employer tells the BWC that you are not an employee, your workers’ compensation may not cover your healthcare.
  1. Fights are not covered. Altercations started by an employee that result in an injury are not likely to be covered by workers’ compensation, according to attorneys.
  1. Injuries that happen after you have been fired or laid off. If you are injured after you have been fired or laid off generally are not covered by workers’ compensation.
  1. Alcohol and drugs can cause a claim to be denied. Consuming alcohol or drugs which contribute to an accident or injury can cause a worker’s compensation claim to be denied.

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