Have you tried entering your own claim for Social Security disability? If you have, then you know how complex of a process it can be. All of the required forms, backup documentation from your medical team and the correct filing formats can be nearly overwhelming. If you have put in all that work and your claim gets denied, you may be wondering why. Here are just a few reasons that Social Security disability claims can get denied:

  • The issue you are having is because of a drug or alcohol issue. If you have an addiction that is the root cause of a disability, then the Social Security Administration may deny your claim.
  • You have a record. If you have been convicted of a felony or were injured while committing a felony, then your claim for a Social Security disability payment may be denied.
  • The disability you have was short term. Cleveland disability attorneys say that if your impairment was a short term situation, then you likely will have your claim denied.
  • You earn too much. In order to get a Social Security disability claim covered, you must meet certain income requirements.

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